Why Believing in Yourself Will Change Your Life

Have you ever met a wanabe entrepreneur?

You know the kind of person that talks about opening a business but never gets off the fence and does anything.

Or the one that finally takes the dive, starts a business, but can never quite make it work. He spends all his time reading books but never really does anything.

After talking with these folks over the years, I have concluded these people just don’t believe in themselves.

They don’t believe they can actually become a success so they just keep doing what they’ve always done never moving forward.

And, they always have excuses. They say…

– I’m too old to start a new career.
– I don’t know enough to be in business for myself.
– I won’t be able to handle it, I don’t know enough.
– I can’t afford it.
– I will never be able to get financing.
– It will take too much time.
– Dealing with all the details will be too time-consuming.
– I don’t have the spare cash.
– It is just too expensive.
– The economy is too unpredictable.

But, this is just nonsense and there are big benefits in working for yourself…

Potential Upside in Working for Yourself

– You don’t have to deal with a boss
– You set your own hours
– You set the rules
– You can do what you enjoy doing
– You have job security
– You no longer have to fight rush hour traffic
– You will have financial freedom
– You will feel fulfilled
– You will have more time for your friends and family.
– The profits are yours.
– You can use your gifts and talents.
– You can save on costs.
– You will have more time.
– You can conduct business the way you want to.

So why do these wanabes throw-up these objections and obstacles? I think that the real crux of the problem is they don’t really believe in themselves. They are stuck in a cycle of negative thinking that prevents them from achieving anything. This negative thinking destroys their dreams, blinds them to opportunity, and literally stifles their success.

This type of thinking can derail your success. What helps me is to stick these…

9 Principles for Success

1. Set Goals.

Set aside any negative thoughts and write down the goals you would have for yourself if your success is a guarantee. Think about the role you will play in achieving these goals. What you need to learn to get there and map your course. Layout a systematic plan and follow it.

2. Become A Problem-Solver.

There is a solution to every problem. Never believe any problem is unsolvable. Even if the problem you are facing feels impossible at the time do not surrender to this type of thinking. Can’t never did anything.

Stay away from negative thinkers, they will derail your progress by supplying you with all of the negative reasons your idea won’t work. This type of thinking will derail your progress.

3. Be Confident.

If you believe you can’t achieve something, you probably won’t. You must transform your thinking. Train yourself to believe you can achieve and you will.

4. Be a Possibility Thinker.

Think big! The only thing holding you back is you. If you train yourself to begin “thinking big” big things will begin to happen for you.

Challenge yourself to:

– Never label anything as impossible.
– Never let problems stop you from taking action.
– Never think that just because you don’t know how to do something doesn’t you can’t.
– Don’t let this stop you.
– Never let the fear of failure prevent you from trying.
– Never discard an idea just because you don’t know anybody that has done it that way.
– Never decide something is impossible because you lack the time, money, brains, energy, talent, or skill.
– Never toss away an idea because it’s not perfect.
– Never pass up something because you might not get credit.
– Never quit.

5. Don’t Worry About Failing.

Everybody does at one time or another. It’s hard. Failure can be embarrassing.

But, remember that trying to do something great and failing could be one of the best things you have ever done in your life.

Failure is not failure to meet your goals, but the failure to reach as high as you possibly can.

6. Take Action.

Just get started…TODAY! The biggest problem people face is inertia. Don’t be a dreamer…be a doer. Don’t talk big a do nothing. The world is full of dreamers, there aren’t enough people who will move ahead and take the real steps towards their goals and achieve them. Stop making excuses for not starting!

7. Be Enthusiastic!

Enthusiasm is the fuel for your success. It’s fine to layout your goals and set aside your negative thoughts but you must ignite your enthusiasm to truly get some momentum. Don’t block yours.

How do you get it? Fill your mind with a positive mental attitude!

8. Maintain A Positive Attitude.

So if enthusiasm is the fuel and having a positive mental attitude is how you generate enthusiasm, how do you maintain the positive mental attitude?

1. Say something positive to every person you meet.
2. See something positive in every situation.
3. Force yourself to always think “It might work.”
4. Become a champion of the “why not” club.
5. Act on all positive ideas.
6. Expect positive practices.
7. Be positive about things.
8. Apply positive thinking to all things you can control.
9. Do not allow negative thoughts to derail you. Re-fuel your positive thinking periodically.

9. Never Give-up.

Positive affirmations will give you holding-on power.

1. Do not allow yourself to feel defeated.
2. Force yourself to be tough-minded and believe you are.
3. Feel confident that there are resources you can use to support yourself.
4. You are strong…believe it.
5. Strive for victory. Turn your worst times into your best.
6. If you are truly dedicated, you will eventually win.

Just remember it’s all about your attitude…

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