Why Do People Fail At Adwords?

The majority of internet business owners at least give Adwords a try at some point or another.

Sadly, the majority of them fail to earn a profit. In many cases, they lose almost all their investment.

Why is this? Is there anything that can be done?

Of course there is. I’ve been discussing this quite a bit lately with Glenn Livingston and he has shared with me how the system he uses now differs greatly from what the majority are doing…and what he used to do a couple of years ago himself.

Here’s a video showing the normal process to his current process.

Later on this week Glenn and I will be releasing the brand new Adwords Bullseye system.

It covers step-by-step:

– How to find your bullseye keyword phrase for BUYERS in Adwords along with related terms.
– How to setup your own competitive intelligence dashboard for free.
– The simple set-up process for a new or expanding campaign.
– How to optimize and improve your CTR and landing page conversion…while getting your bid prices down.
– How to let Google expand out your winning keyword phrases into hundreds of other phrases.
– The natural expansion model to expand out your successful terms into seo, web 2.0, and more for maximum traffic.

We’ll be offering a special discount price over the upcoming weekend as a Labor Day special…so make sure not to miss it. Look for it later on this week!

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