Will You Take Action?

Wow…so far we only have 4 entries for the 2 Dan Kennedy prizes. Looks like the odds are shaping up pretty well so far for Ryan Healy, Robert Phillips, Kyle Tully, and Edward Santosh.

Edward even mentioned the story about Mike Enlow’s $20 bill giveaway (although it was $100 bills he was giving away). Here was the original ad:

I’LL SEND YOU A $100 FOR FREE!!!! you just pay the cost of $10.95 to have it mailed to you by overnight delivery!! My supplies of these $100 bills are limited if I run out your order will not be processed so act now!!!!! Act now to get $100 (U.S. Currency) by overnite delivery!!!!!! WHERE ELSE CAN YOU GET $100 FREE?

The problem with Mike Enlow’s ad (which he did on purpose) was that it is way too hypey with no credibility (no contact info, no reason why, too many exclamation points, etc.).

So why haven’t people responded to the contest? It’s either because they don’t believe me (which is possible)…maybe you don’t believe I’ll actually send out all those tapes (or even that I have them here in the office). Maybe I should make it a requirement that the winners post about the tapes once they win so the next contest will have testimonials (I didn’t require it, but I will ask for it).

What’s another possibility? Maybe you don’t have a tape player. It’s possible. Although it does only cost a few bucks to pick one up (you can buy your own).

Or the possibility that’s most likely in this scenario…People aren’t willing to take action for the reward.

I’ve found that to be the case more often than not. If you sell information products, you have probably heard the statistic at some point that only 10% of your buyers even study the material…not to mention how many actually apply it.

It was really hard for me to accept this at first. People pay money for your product and they don’t use it. They put it on a shelf to look at. This trend isn’t limited to the information industry either.

People in the exercise industry know their products must be able to fold down and store away in a closet or under a bed…or else it’s coming back as a refund (because the majority of buyers won’t use it).

Notice how many people buy products and don’t use them. Notice how few people take action on simply posting a link in a blog to get a prize worth $2,000+. If they don’t have a blog, they could set one up with Blogger.com. I didn’t make any requirement of how many posts be on your blog or how long you had it. It could have been brand new. So 5 to 10 minutes of action…4 responses.

Very interesting…

What it proves more than anything is that taking action is difficult for most people. James Brausch always calls it the 2% group. Those are the ones willing to take action…while the other 98% complain about their lot in life.

It’s always my goal to try to improve these numbers (thankfully my coaching clients are a much higher percentage)…but on average they are pretty accurate.

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