You Have NO Excuse Left to Ignore Testing

Every marketer tells you to test your advertising. Whole books have been written about why you should test everything in your offer: headlines, bullets, guarantees, intros, call to actions, etc.

Yet many business owners simply don’t test any element of their advertising.

If it works, they’re excited and filled with joy!

If it loses money, they’re down in the dumps crying “Woe is me.”

Quit that garbage! If something doesn’t work at first, test something else. Try running a different offer. Lower the price. Raise the price. Try a new headline. Test more bullets or less bullets. Change your page until it works.

And be scientific about your advertising. Act just like a scientist testing and tracking each new marketing experiment until you create your breakthrough. You might find a dozen ways that it doesn’t work before you find the right marketing strategy (I’ve definitely done that before).

There is an old quote attributed to Thomas Edison, which may or may not be true, which says…

“I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

Whether he made the statement or not, I like the quote…and I’m taking it. No ad I’ve ever run has failed. I’ve just proven that method didn’t work. That headline might not have worked. That price might not have been the right one.

You will find the solution and the right answer if you keep testing. The key is to make sure all your tests are scientific and tracked. You can’t simply throw up one page today and another one tomorrow. You have different visitors today and tomorrow. Your sales might be different even if you didn’t change anything. You have to test correctly.

If you only want to test one difference (such as a new headline), you can do a simple split test. There’s a lot of software out there for this. My shopping cart even has a split tester built in.

If you want to track multiple changes at once, you must use a multivariate testing system. There’s quite a few of those available out as well, although most of them are pretty complicated to use.

Lately I’ve been using Google Optimizer, the free tool Google provides you with to test your websites inside your Google Adwords account. It’s a wonderful set-up…and it has the perfect cost of being FREE with your Adwords account.

I like it because it eliminates every business person’s excuses for not testing their website. No one can say it’s too expensive anymore. And I’ve Google’s solution to be much easier to use as well.

There’s even a free WordPress plug-in to allow you to use Google Optimizer on your blog to test headlines and other elements. You can pick it up at:

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