5 Coaching Questions That Will Change Your Life

I’ve discovered that asking the right question is probably the most vital skill you can have when coaching clients. We often push ourselves into confusion and despair…and can’t figure a way out of the “mess” we’re in because we’re asking ourselves the wrong questions.

The reason you’re not achieving your goals, don’t feel fulfilled, and aren’t having the time of your life is simply because you have yet to ask yourself the right question.

Here are 5 winning questions to start you off…

What motivates you in life right now?

Why do you get up in the morning? What is worth getting out of bed for? Is your spouse or your children? Is it because you love your job? What is that makes life worth living for you TODAY?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s pretty hard to get up and going. I could ask another similar question that might shed a little light on this. What are you grateful for right now? It’s easy to get down in the dumps about things that are going wrong. What’s going right? What are you grateful for? If you have trouble with that question refer back to this post: http://terrydean.org/are-you-thankful/

What is currently preventing you from reaching this goal?

You set your goals. You know where you want to be 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, and 3 years from now. What is keeping you from reaching those goals? If you’re like me, you’ve probably set similar goals before…and you didn’t reach them. You might have become frustrated and set the same goal again.

What is it that’s keeping you from reaching that goal? Don’t ever ask if it’s because you don’t have enough willpower. That’s one of the wrong questions (eliminating the wrong questions is just as important as using the right ones). You can accomplish any real goal you set for yourself, although you can’t always accomplish the goals OTHER people set for you (again another major topic).

What can you eliminate in your life to help you reach your goal this time? This leads us right into the next question…

What are you tolerating right now in your business and personal life?

Goal setting is valuable, and you should do it in every area of life. Do you realize that figuring out what you’re currently tolerating in your life is often even more motivating? I’ve discovered this in my own life…and the lives of those I coach with.

What are you currently tolerating in your life? This includes anything you “put up with,” things that sap your energy, and compromises you’ve talked yourself into. There are only two motivations in life…pain and pleasure. You move toward pleasure and away from pain. What all is causing pain in your life right now?

Make a list. Then develop a simple plan of eliminating each thing you’re tolerating from your life. I’ll definitely talk more about this one in the future.

What are you willing to do in the next 30 days?

What’s the plan? I’ve learned to change from simply giving people a plan to asking what you’re willing to do? Then develop a plan from there. Who cares if you buy a step-by-step system of success if you’re not willing to do 50% of the steps? It won’t work. Could you imagine baking a cake by only following 50% of the recipe’s instructions. You’ll have a mess…not a cake.

There are dozens of ways to succeed online. In fact, most marketers go into serious information overload and information paralysis because of so much available information. The question isn’t what all works. Lots of techniques work. The question is which techinques will you work?

If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, nothing will change. What actions are you willing to take over the next 30 days to reach your goal?

Where are your customers currently buying products similar to yours?

This one is a business coahing question I use from time to time. Instead of jumping in and using all the Internet marketing and offline marketing techniques available to you, spend some time figuring out how to reach your perfect client. Describe them in detail. Where can you find them? What are they currently buying? How can you best reach them?

In one of my own recent projects, I asked myself this question. The answer was I would find one of the specific groups I wanted only by speaking and publicity.

I wouldn’t find them online…at least not in the numbers I wanted. I couldn’t reach them with Google Adwords. Ebay wasn’t a very good option. They couldn’t be targeted by ezines cost effectively. In fact, none of the “normal” internet marketing techniques would be a good way of reaching this specific target market.

By asking yourself this question, you’ll save both time and money. Your target market is buying something. Who are they buying it from? And how do they come to their buying decision? It may not be the same way you do…

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