Internet Scams

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard the promises.

“Earn $538,000 In Your First Year Online”


“Make $39,463 Each Month Working Only 1 Hour a Week”

I could continue on for pages with the types of promises made about internet businesses.

In some cases, those statements are true about the authors. They really did accomplish that or they really do earn that much with little work now.

The problem is those numbers are nowhere close to the truth for the average beginner. And it puts unrealistic expectations in their head.

One of the first things I ask any of my coaching clients is about their goals.

Most of my clients have really good goals I get behind them on and help them work towards. But once in a while, I run into that brand new business owner who tells me their goal is to make $100,000 in the next month. Woah! They’ve been listening to the scams, and we’re in trouble before we even started.

Is that possible? Yes, it’s possible. Is it likely? Not for a brand new beginner. They don’t have the experience, the contacts, or the lists to make it happen that quickly.

A much better goal is to replace your work income the first year (that has been done many times). This gives us enough time to get a campaign rolling, test, and possibly even fix problems that may occur.

Don’t believe the hype of fast money with no work.

Take a look at this site my friend Fred Gleeck recently put up about making billions in minutes:

It’s a parody by the way in case someone doesn’t get it.

Here are a few characteristics to know you about to be scammed…

1. Big Promises of Specific Amounts of Money Quickly

Yes, you can earn quite a bit online. In some cases they have even earned that much money. Although income claims like that always make me a little suspicious anymore after seeing how many of them simply tell you their gross sales numbers (so what if you sold $200,000 in your 3 month product launch when you spent $190,000 on fulfillment, affiliates, etc.).

They’ve made money online, and you can do it too.

How long did it really take them to get to the point where they could make that kind of money quickly? How many hours did they invest first? How much did it cost?

Here’s the thing about overnight successes. They often take years to grow in the background. It’s kind of like planting a seed. You plant the seed and may not see anything for weeks or months. Then all of sudden it seems to grow up overnight.

Those overnight success stories often have the same foundation.

2. Tons of Pictures of Their Wealth

These are often shown just to get your “greed” worked up. Look at all these awesome things I own that you could have to if you buy my product.

On some sales pieces I’ve seen, almost the entire thing is about all the items they own. It’s not about what they’re offering you at all.

Sure, part of copywriting is showing the dream. In business opportunities though, it’s often taken to extreme excess.

Here are the yachts, mansions, etc.

Where’s the substance?

3. No Work Required

That’s a funny one…lots of money with no work.

Here’s the fact. If you don’t create value for others, they’re not going to give you their money. It takes work to get the ball rolling in your internet business. Yes, you can live an Internet Lifestyle where you work when you want. You can even automate or outsource large portions of your business, but it takes time to put those systems in place.

It’s kind of like the space shuttle. Notice how much power it has to put out during liftoff. The boosters are required to get the space shuttle up, but they’re dropped off.

It’s a lot of work getting your internet business going (you need those boosters starting out). But then as you eventually start plugging in all the systems in place the work required begins dropping off.

Here’s some of the text from my Internet Lifestyle Retirement System…

You’ll notice I don’t shy away from the word, “work.” Business opportunity sellers will tell you how you don’t have to do any work. They say, “All you have to do is push this button, and money comes out…”

Come on. If someone tells you that you never have to do any work, they’re scamming you. I had to work to get my business started. You’ll have to work as well. You’re just not paid for the hours you work. It’s not about trading hours for dollars.

You’re paid for the value you create for others. Create that value. Put business systems in place to spread your message automatically. Follow the system again to build additional income streams and grow your business.

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