Is Internet Marketing Just a Millionaire Boy’s Club?

Not too long ago I was discussing a project with a lady at an Internet marketing conference, and she commented on something I had never noticed before. She said, “Sometimes it seems like Internet marketing is just a millionaire boy’s club.” She told me to look at the speakers at most of the events. You could also look at the big jvs (the quickest way to promote).

Almost all the speakers at any Internet marketing event are the same men time and time again. Sure you see a few women speaking, but no where near the number who are good marketers online. We won’t even go into the joint ventures.

I disagreed with her at the time, because I must have been blind. I had some reasons I gave her about why there were more men speaking at the events, but they were just excuses. I never thought about the question before.

I’m ashamed.

It’s never been more clear than this past week that much of internet marketing is a millionaire boy’s club.

All you have to do is take a look at some of the recent marketing going on. The rich jerk is having a conference at the Playboy mansion, and promoting it in his usual over-hyped, offensive promotional style (although he is being more rude and obnoxious than usual if that’s possible).

And what do you have…many of the “top gurus” promoting the event.

You are who you associate with.

Of course, I already knew what a few of these promoters were. It’s just a few of the ones both speaking and promoting the event who surprised me. They claim to be family men, and a few of them claim to be Christian family men. Yet, they’re promoting this event from the normal rich jerk style. Some even have the gall to say things such as, “I don’t agree with him, but I am promoting this event anyway…” or “I’m just going for the networking…”

Let’s not even discuss this from the point that it’s being held at the Playboy mansion. I’m offended at that part, but not everyone has the same values on that.

What’s the bigger issue is just how offensive the millionaire boy’s club is.

For example, the less offensive letter “by an affiliate” for the event starts (this is a direct quote)…
“If my wife knew I was mailing for this, she’d KILL me…”

Well, let’s say for a second we believe this person and that they’re not outright lying to us. They’re confessing to hide their business affairs from their wife, because money is much more important to them than their marriage. If they would lie about their business to their wife, why in the world should I believe them?

But some of the big gurus claim, “it’s for charity…we’re not making anything.” Yeah right…and I have a bridge to sell you. I’m not a noob who just started yesterday and doesn’t know how joint ventures work. You might not make cash from the promotion, but you do make money from the joint venture deals that will go on. It’s about the money. It’s not about the charity, or we’d see a lot more mention about the charity itself.

What becomes more interesting in the whole controversy is how most “internet marketing discussion boards” have responded. A major discussion erupted on one of the most popular internet marketing forums about this subject.

Dozens of posts occured from both men and women who were concerned about this and what was going on. Even though almost all the posts were very reasonable, that whole thread was deleted. Yet, somehow another discussion on the same board which promoted the event stayed. When several of those members inquired about the deletion, their accounts were deleted.

Interesting…and some have told us it is all for charity. Right…it seems to the good ole boy network has stuck again. Criticize a guru, get deleted. Criticize women…and get promoted?
(Gee I wonder just how many gurus I’m going to tick off this time – might never see me do a major jv again).

Jennifer Knox posted a very interesting Squidoo lense on this topic: Internet marketing and women

Here are a few of the interesting blog postings about this subject:
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My biggest concern with this post was that I’d bring more publicity to this already overhyped event. I was very happy to see Mark Hendricks is having a free Internet marketing conference the same day. I’ve met him a couple of times and I was impressed with his honest concern for the attendees at a recent event I was at. While I don’t know him personally other than meeting him a few times, I’m going to recommend his event…

I most definitely don’t get anything for this as I haven’t even contacted Mark about promoting him here. You can find out more about his event on his blog: Mark Hendricks’ Free Two Day Conference.

Want to help charity? Attend his event…and give the money to charity yourself! Then you know who is actually getting it.

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