Law of Reciprocity

When you do something for someone else, they feel a compelling urge to reciprocate. I was thinking about this lately after reading a post James Brausch wrote about how Michel Fortin sucks. Paul Hancox recently wrote about the same subject on his Internet Influence Magic blog.

James that he has it on his daily activity list to “Do something nice for someone.” This puts the law of reciprocity into effect and snowballing for you.

An obvious example is when you link to others on your blog. They see the link and want to give back to you in someway. They’ve been affected by the law. Thinking about it myself…the moment I see a link coming in I start thinking about someway of giving back (even reading additional posts of theirs for a future link to one).

I’m going to have to copy his simple strategy of doing something nice for someone every day.

I saw his strategy in action this week. Yesterday I received a huge box from him with 100 copies of his “Earn An Income By Creating Your Own DVD.” On the top of the box, it simply said it was a gift and I could do with them as I wish.

While I own many of his of products, I hadn’t seen that one so I watched it through…and it definitely teaches you step-by-step how to put together your own DVD and send it for duplication. Recently I found out how easy this was to do so I’ve created several DVDs for my business and he is using the same strategies I am for it.

He sells this DVD for $100 through Kunaki (the same duplicator I’ve been using). So this box of DVDs is a value of $10,000. And since I only needed one, which I’ve already watched…this means I have 99 still in shrinkwrap and 1 used one to give away to my customers in someway.

Over the weekend I’m sure I’ll come up with a promotion to let you get ahold of this DVD at a very deeply discounted price…perhaps as a package deal with one or two of my other products on a 48 hour special (obviously only 100 available). If you’re wondering why I’m waiting…it’s because I have a 2 DVD set of my own almost ready to be released…which would fit perfectly together with this as a package deal.

Think about it. James gave away something free. I’ll benefit by making a profit from what he sent over. My readers benefit by getting a great deal of some type. He benefits because he gets promoted with more of his products being put in the hands of customers. Everybody wins.

Oh and by the way, thank you James.

How will you use the law reciprocity in your business this week?

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