Wonder Wheel for New Content Ideas

Google released their free Wonder Wheel a few months ago along with other advanced search options. In this short video I show you the basics of coming up with new blogging and other content related ideas using it.

Basically Google has given us a “mind map” layout for how they look at the keyword phrases we’re using. Now you can think of your keywords in the same format Google does – by separating them into related buckets.

Also note in the end of the video as I show you how to search videos, forums, and reviews…and sort the results by a specific time frame (such as the last 24 hours to see what is being said recently).

Some key takeaways:

1. When researching a niche, look at all the subjects Google says are related to the original item to figure out if you want to write about these topics.

2. When coming up with content ideas (for blogs, articles, videos, etc.), dig deeper into the 2nd and 3rd level to keep finding additional related items to your primary theme.

3. Think of your overall market as not just a niche, but a bullseye keyword phrase. For example I used “internet business” in this video as the center phrase which everything else flows out from.

4. Sort results by the last week or last 24 hours to see what people are saying about your subject recently.

5. Think about your keyword phrases in relation to buckets like Google has outlined them for you here (very useful for PPC campaigns on the content network).

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